League of Legends: Ahri Cosplay Makes a Stir Over the Internet

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Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox, is the latest champion adding to the roster of League of Legends. The champion is popular among players both in the North America and South Korea. Recently, Miyuko (Yun Jin Kang), one of the members of the famous Korean cosplay group, Spiral Cat's, cosplayed Ahri.

Full SizeAhri

The Ahri cosplay is so charming and exquisite that it makes a stir over the internet. The cosplay photos are copied by many websites. Due to the popularity, the cosplay group's webiste is currently still down after a crazy hitting of over 190,000 views. I've got the pictures here to feast your eyes and enjoy the cosplay show!

Ahri  Ahri

Ahri  Ahri

Full SizeAhri

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