Top 10 Sexy 18+ MMORPGs to Evoke Your Inner Needs in 2011

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With the end of 2011, the year 2012 is just here to say hello to all of us. Looking back on the gaming market in 2011, there are quite a number of games which deserve our anticipation, like Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, Blade & Soul, etc. Some titles are popular among players thanks to their uniquely-designed systems, some have become the center of players' attention due to their gorgeous graphics, and some games which are claimed to be 18+ attract players' eyes for their sexy, scantily dressed characters with hourglass figure.

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18+ labeled games are appealing to players, but is there profound content worth players' exploration? Anyway, this is a later story. Now, I'll round up the top ten sexy MMO Games in 2011, which have all earned great popularity among players. Now without further ado, let's check out the list of the top 10 sexy adult mmos in 2011.

Kabod Online

As a Korea-made adult MMORPG set in medieval Europe, Kabod Online uses sex, violence and gamble as its selling points. In the game, players can seduce NPCs to have "physical touch" with them. Apart from buxom female characters, clothes tearing system is the biggest highlight of this game. Sometimes, in order to escape, some players will have to strip themselves.

Kabod Online - CG Trailer

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In addition, some "low-quality" clothes might not be able to endure the wear and tear from the weapon, hence torn slowly and finally, the character will be seen wearing nothing. Just imagine the picture. In Kabod Online, armors will be damaged in three phases, which is applied to both monsters and players.

Kabod Online

Kabod Online

Kabod Online

Kabod Online

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