Eclipse of EDEN Coming to Japan Next Month, New Screens Unveiled

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Several days ago, I had a post (link) introducing Eclipse of EDEN, a new non-target action MMORPG, which is similar to Devil May Cry. The game has been licensed to Japanese publisher NEC BIGLOBE and is expected to be made available in Japan in late January next year. Today, I'll continue to bring you some new screenshots of the game.

Eclipse of EDEN

Eclipse of EDEN, originally named Last Online in South Korean, is developed by Eden Entertainment. The biggest feature of this game lies in its perfect action performance, which enables characters to dash, jump, throw, dodge and attack continuously in the air. Such actions look really smooth and gorgeous.

Eclipse of EDEN

Eclipse of EDEN

At first, the developer indicated that Eclipse of EDEN is based on Devil May Cry, but later, Eden Entertainment's CEOYoun-Jin Cho emphasized that a lot more creative elements have been added to Eclipse of EDEN, so it will offer more abundant and interesting gameplay than Devil May Cry.

Eclipse of EDEN

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