Non-target Action MMO Eclipse of Eden Announced, CBT Coming Soon!

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Japan-based Gamesone has recently unveiled a new online action MMORPG called "Eclipse of Eden" set to open servers next spring, with the game's official site brought online at the same time.

Eclipse of Eden

As a super novel fighting MMORPG characterized by non-targeting combats and air battles, Eclipse of Eden will allow all players to experience simple and uplifting fights through diversified attack combinations. The game not only values gaming controls and seeks to prevent players from getting tired after a long gaming time, but also emphasizes stirring actions and retains traditional MMORPG elements with the targeting combat mode broken free of.

Eclipse of Eden   Eclipse of Eden

The result is that with the guarantee of smoothness, Eclipse of Eden even makes possible 100 vs. 100 massive wars and realizes multi-player/troop struggles against monsters. Additionally, when dueling with instance bosses, players will also see original videos that depict the duel process. This is just indicative of the considerable energy the game has put into the possibility of immersive combats.

Eclipse of Eden is scheduled to recruit corresponding testers soon.

Eclipse of Eden

Eclipse of Eden

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