Kingdom Under Fire II 1st CBT Simple Review

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Kingdom Under Fire II developed by Blueside and operated by Hangame, kicked off its 1st CBT on Dec. 2nd in South Korea. This test is scheduled to last until Dec. 7. In the 1st CBT, players can choose from three playable classes in this test, i.e. Gunslinger, Spellsword and Berserker, each with distinctive features and characteristics.


First impression: user-friendly

After entering the game, you'll have to create a character. The character creation interface offers a lot of options. You can choose hairstyle, skin, facial color, initial clothes, as well as body details, similar to Aion.

Kingdom Under Fire II - 1st Close Beta Character Creation Footage

After completing character creation, a storyline video will be played, from which you can learn the basic controls, combat modes, etc., allowing you to get a general idea of the game while enjoying its storyline.

Then, you'll enter the beginner village where you can make simple conversations with NPC's and learn basic skills. After creating your first team, you'll start your journey in the game. There are arrows marked on the map to guide you in doing quests. So if you can't find your way, simply follow these arrows. The initial quests will convey the whole backstory of Kingdom Under Fire II, so they are worth doing.



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