MMOSite Interview for Aeria Games' Upcoming MMO Lime Odyssey

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Aeria Games, one of North America's top MMO publishers, has recently busy preparing its newest MMO, Lime Odyssey. Developed by Korean-based Sirius Entertainment which founded by the former developers of Ragnarok Online, Lime Odyssey has received lots of attention from players. What on earth does this game look like? Let's find out together.

Lime Odyssey

1. MMOsite: Hello, this is Cindy from MMOsite. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, my name is Stephanie. I am part of the Lime Odyssey launch team at Aeria Games.

2. MMOsite: Would you briefly introduce the storyline of Lime Odyssey and how players play a part in the game?

Lime Odyssey takes place on a distant, Earth-like planet filled with diverse terrain and curious creatures. The citizens ruled by a benevolent Goddess known as Nysis. Nysis, seeking to bring sublime happiness to her beloved subjects, bestowed the single continent Orta with pieces of Lime, a divine fruit infused with her own vast powers. For generations, Lime brought peace and prosperity to all races on Orta, until tragedy stuck; an evil tyrant hoarded all the Lime for himself and disappeared forever. Players enter the tale just as rumors have surfaced across Orta that the sacred Lime has returned. Help the citizens scour the land for Lime to order and return harmony once and for all.

Lime Odyssey

3. MMOsite:How many races and classes will be available in the upcoming limited Alpha test and Open Beta phases? Could you briefly describe them to us?

Three races, four battle classes and three professions will be available during the first phases of Lime Odyssey. Players can choose to become a Human, Turga, or Muris race. Each race possesses different characteristics; Humans are brave and bold, Turga and ferocious and hardened warriors, and the Muris are curious, magical creatures. The Battle class options are Warrior, Thief, Cleric and Mage, each of which follows the basic archetype for most MMORPGs. The twist to Lime Odyssey is that players can also choose a second class: a job. The job class can serve to support a character's battle class, or it can simply fulfill an interest or hobby. Available professions are Chef, Tailor and Blacksmith.

4. MMOsite: Is there a possibility that we will see more races and classes after the game is initially launched?

Yes, there are plans in the works to release more races and classes.

Lime Odyssey

5. MMOsite: How many professions can players choose in the game? Do you plan to add more in the future?

Currently players can choose to become a Blacksmith, Tailor or Chef. The developers behind Lime Odyssey are definitely cooking up a lot more professional options for players in the future.

6. MMOsite: Does Lime Odyssey has any pet system or mount system? Would you please explain them in short?

Lime Odyssey has both a mount system and a pet system. You can obtain eggs from quests will hatch into cute, helpful companions. They aid in battle and are good for other small tasks in the game. Mounts in Lime Odyssey are also pretty cool; you'll find a variety of land and water-based mounts that are truly feats of the imagination.

Lime Odyssey

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