Tips and Tricks from Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta

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15. Group dialogue

One of the interesting features of SWTOR is group dialogues. Group dialogues are dialogues you and your party members can all engage in. They are commonly encountered in flashpoints (4 man dungeons). Every time there is a dialogue choice, each party member chooses a choice they like and then they roll a number. Whoever rolls the highest will have their choice count.

Don't worry. These group dialogue options won't affect your Light/Dark status. You gain Light/Dark points based on the choice you chose, not the one that your party took, even though they might be completely different.

16. Re-setting the UI

There are times when you really want to take a screenshot but don't want the UI to clutter your view and there are times when your UI is bugged and you need to reset it.

Pressing Ctrl + U once will make your UI disappear and pressing it again will return your UI and "reset" it. In the beta there was a bug where if you reset your UI, the quest objectives on your big map won't appear. This can be fixed by zoning or clicking on Quick Travel and then close it.

17. Modifications!

Certain items, especially items of blue quality and above, allow modifications that will modify its stats to suit your liking.


To modify an item, you can ctrl + right click on the item you wish to mod in your inventory and a window should pop up that allow you to remove and insert modifications (removing modifications cost money!) There are also Modification stations scatter around that you can use but they are a relic of the past system and are no longer needed.

18. Space Combat!

Once you receive your first spaceship, you have the option to do space missions. They are kind of arcade like game where you fly your spaceship around and shoot at things. Doing these space missions will give you credits you can use to purchase ship upgrades for tougher space missions and give you a lot of XP the first couple times you do them!


You can purchase ship upgrades from vendors in Imperial Fleet/Galactic Fleet and these upgrades will make space combat a lot easier! Also, doing barrel rolls (via pressing the spacebar) will allow you dodge a lot of the incoming enemy fire as well!

19. Storage Cases!

swtorSometimes a quest will give you a storage case as one of the rewards. This is a loot box that when you open it, will give you a random item. If you are full on Commendations and have no other reward options, this might be a good loot option to choose.

20. Cargo Hold

Your spaceship has a cargo hold that is similar to a bank in other MMOs. You don't need to return to your spaceship to access it. Most cities have a cargo hold access station (look for it on your map) where you can get access to your cargo hold.

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