How TERA Failed Me!

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In the weeks approaching the official launch of TERA, I was nothing if not excited. A beautiful world, gorgeous characters and a compelling combat system-what's not to like, right? When the game launched, I eagerly plunked down my $60 (Collector's Edition!), and jumped into the game world. I even wrote a couple of TERA journals for MMOSite to document my experiences.

Now, just a few weeks later, I'm over TERA. The exciting, attractive game I was expecting just didn't turn out to be the game that I got. After the first few days, there was nothing in TERA that compelled me to keep playing, besides attempting to get the most out of my non-refundable digital purchase. So what happened? How did I go from completely amped on the game to totally bored in less than a month?


Put simply, TERA failed me.

It's not that TERA is a bad game-TERA is an excellent game. If you like traditional MMOs, you will probably like TERA. The game environment is spectacular, the monsters are enormous and mean and the community is pretty robust and supportive. There's a lot to love about TERA; this article isn't meant to be insulting or imply that the game isn't a highly polished work with a lot to offer new players.

However, every moment of my TERA experience was marred by one lurking thought: I have played this game before. Sure, I had never killed that specific BAM (Big-Ass Monster) or completed that specific dungeon, but I couldn't shake the feeling that the meal TERA was attempting to serve me was a meal I had previously eaten, just mixed in different proportions.


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