[Exclusive]Wandering Knights Interview: Recreation of Classical Martial Arts

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Zhan Zhenyang, founder and CEO of ZhuHai XinYou Technology Co. Ltd, answered some questions with regard to Wandering Knights, a game still in its development phase, during an exclusive interview.

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As CEO of ZhuHai XinYou Technology Co. Ltd, Zhan Zhenyang had previously served as COO of Kingsoft Game, Deputy General Manager of Kingsoft Game Department and General Manager of Xishanju. During his time at Kingsoft, He had led the R&D and operation of such famous games as Chunqiu, The World of Swordsman and The Legend of Swordsman III, which are quite popular among martial arts fans both home and abroad.

Q1: As a martial arts game, what interesting settings does Wandering Knights have with its basis on the oriental martial arts culture?

The oriental martial arts culture features various martial arts experts, magic martial arts and the spirit of loyalty and brotherhood. By emphasizing martial art experts' spirit, we have designed abundant interesting gameplay, such as conquering territories, taking revenge, challenging the best and PK in the open. It is vital to create an atmosphere of martial arts and let the players feel immersed in this virtual world. Just like the ancient Chinese proverb goes, "Ready with drawn swords at the sight of injustice; defend the weak against the strong". That's what we want our players to experience in the game.

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Q2: As the leading developing staff of the famous "The Legend of Swordsman" series, what made you decide to develop Wandering Knights?

The Legend of Swordsman series have had a great influence on Chinese players. As I've learnt, even oversea players love these series, just like they love classical martial arts novels and movies. We would like to succeed the classical features of our previous products and bring players another innovative gameplay.

Q3: Martial arts games are very popular in China. In your opinion, what is martial arts culture?

The martial arts culture is an exclusive culture of China. Its spirit is similar to the combination of knighthood and the spirit of Robin Hood. Martial arts experts not only obey the moral principles but also deal with injustice by using force. The Chinese martial arts culture has more than 2,000 years of history and has long been regarded a part of traditional Chinese culture. We Chinese people consider it a cultural mark and are trying to spread it to people all over the world. We hope that they will become interested in China via the martial arts and then know our country better.

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