Runes of Magic: New Trailer Recounts Shadowforge Dwarves Storyline

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Leading into the launch of the newest content update for Runes of Magic: Chapter V, Frogster today announced a new cinematic trailer for Chapter V, Frogster today an a new cinematic trailer for "Fires of Shadowforge, which is slated for a June 12 release.

Official Trailer Runes of Magic - Chapter V - Fires of Shadowforge US

In a sequence of breathtaking shots, the Shadowforge Dwarves story unfolds with the new playable race lending its name to the chapter. For generations, the Shadowforge Dwarves laid undiscovered in suspended animation; now they are set to unleash their magical powers and advanced smithery on the demons of Taborea.

The Shadowforge Dwarves, who once belonged to the clan of the Fireboot Dwarves, experimented with dark magic and the elements from time immemorial. When a dark magic experiment went terribly wrong, all inhabitants of their underground kingdom were turned to stone. Not until centuries later did the royal reconnaissance patrols discover their dormant bodies and lift the curse plaguing their race. Soon Runes of Magic players will be able to create their own Dwarven characters and will have the option of assigning them to two new exclusive classes: the Champion and the Warlock. The Shadowforge Dwarves have slept for long enough; now they must rise to action!

Frogster is also hosting a special event in the form of a live stream on Thursday, June 7. Anyone interested can tune in via the hosting service own3d.tv from 11AM PST / 8PM CEST to watch players take their first steps into the new region. In addition to the new race and its exclusive classes, the new high-level instance, the Aeternal Circle, will also be presented.

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