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Hi-Rez Studios, the same people who made Global Agenda have a new game in the works, which will get them into the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) market, which seems to be gaining a lot more popularity as of late. Since this is a market that is saturated with a variety of choices to go through, does this one actually make the cut into being worth playing, or at best, differentiate itself enough to stand out from the crowd?

SMITE - PAX 2012 B-Roll Video

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The game is of course, Smite Online and is currently in the Closed Beta phase. I managed to get into the beta to give the game a shot for the weekend, and get a good grasp of how it flows. Since I do play MOBA games, this did interest me a bit to see how a company like Hi-Rez would take to this genre of games.

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As I said, the game is a MOBA style game, but if you're expecting it to be the same as games like; League of Legends, Dota 2, or Heroes of Newerth, then you'll be either sorely mistaken, or pleasantly surprised depending on what you really want. The game does take similar aspects from those games, setting the same stage and pitting team vs. team in a battle to dominate the other, but it does differ in the delivery of it.

Full SizeSmite Online screenshot

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