COG: Titan Siege E3 Expedition - Human's Counterattack against Titans

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Game developing company, BL Tech, and its oversea platform, COG, are taking an expedition on E3 with their latest work, Titan Siege. By showing the CG of Titan Siege, this game was introduced to the foreign media and players for the first time.

Titan Siege a 3D MMORPG game quietly developed by Chengdu Storm Totem Studio, a subsidiary under BL Tech. The game is based on Western legends with splendid graphics. The story mixed the legends from Northern Europe, Greece and Egypt..., demonstrating the struggles between two Titan parties, the Domination and the Destruction. This game toppled the traditional routine of legend games and followed the theme of "Human's counterattack against Titans". The players perform as mercenaries when first entering the game. They gained the insights after being used by Titans and set up a counterattack so as to protect the human world from Titan's disaster-ridden dominance.

Titan Siege

According to the released pictures and videos, Titan Sieges shows delicate but magnificent graphic effects, which perfectly restore the realistic perception of the original designs. As an unique great work of 3D western-style game, Titan Siege is run by a totally self-developed engine, equipped with 3D seamless maps (true 3D). The whole game including the server is based on 3D logic: the characters could reach any places by swimming or flying; Delayed rendering, dynamic shadows and volume illumination were applied to produce the extra far visual effect and realistic pictures. Besides the traditional fixed instance, pet battles and siege craft, the game also offers specific random instances. The players would be sent into a mysterious space if the entrance of the random instance was activated during monster hunting. In the boss war, the coordination and cooperation among various jobs highly matter. The success usually requires a great group work.

Titan Siege

Titan Siege

Page 2: More details and more combat screenshots

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