Perpetuum to Roll out Its Biggest Expansion Gamma Frontier on June 1st

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Since the previous expansion - Terra Incognita released in 2011, Perpetuum, a robot themed sci-fi sandbox MMOG, has not had more large-scale update. Today, it announced its Gamma Frontier, the biggest expansion so far, which includes groundbreaking and much anticipated Modular Private Colony system. We can preview the upcoming contents of Gamma Frontier in the following articles.


The Mech MMO is rolling out the biggest expansion so far to its robot themed sci-fi sandbox game. The expansion is being released on June 1st and is called Gamma Frontier. (The previous named expansion, Terra Incognita was released in 2011.)


Gamma Frontier includes groundbreaking features like terraforming on 24 brand new islands, and the much anticipated Modular Private Colony system (previously known as player-built settlements). From now on player corporations will have unprecedented control over where and how they want to build their home base, and will have a chance to launch large scale industrial projects with the help of networkable buildings (like bases, powerplants and mining towers) and defensive structures (such as turrets and protective walls).

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Gamma Frontier also comes with a host of improvements, like a major revamp of the rendering engine creating more realistic land, sky and atmospheric effects, and the introduction of a public test server that enables players to help improve Perpetuum by trying out new patches and expansions before release.

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