Ragnarok Online Heads to a New Vacation Destination - Port Malaya

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Ragnarok Online launched the latest content patch - Port Malaya that is the largest town expansion update, both in sheer size and in features, today. Port Malaya will bring new quests, added dungeons, the best equipment and an expanded MVP monster cast for players to discover. Check the press release below for the Port Malaya details.

Gravity Interactive, a publisher of exciting massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), launched today the latest content patch for their wildly popular anchor title, Ragnarok Online. Enter Port Malaya to discover new quests, added dungeons, the best equipment yet, and an expanded MVP monster cast; there's so much new content it will be hard to decide what to try first! Players can rush over to the official site and receive complimentary suntan lotion for their coastal visit at

Welcome to the Port Town of Malaya, where the water's always warm and the monsters are always dangerous. Enjoy dozens of new quests, including an entire suite of daily tasks to perform aimed at level 100+ characters. Join up with fellow adventurers to plumb new dungeons, testing the strongest characters and honing their boss hunting skills to a fine edge.

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Delve deep into these raids to discover the hidden story of Malaya. Acquire powerful new equipment, including the new Tattoos, which will grant your character new permanent buffs! Use these newfound powers to tackle the most challenging enemies yet, including rare MVP Monsters, which will challenge veteran players to rise to a new level.

"Port Malaya is the largest town expansion update, both in sheer size and in features, providing both high level activities and challenges and is deservedly the most talked about expansion town update Ragnarok has ever had!" Said Jason "Heimdallr" Koerperich, Ragnarok Online Producer at Gravity Interactive. "We are happy to provide this update so far ahead of our community's expectations as a wonderful surprise to our loyal players!"

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