Strong Character-generation System of NCsoft in Blade & Soul 3rd CBT

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The final CBT of Blade & Soul has been kicked off today. As another highly-anticipated game besides Diablo 3 this year, Blade & Soul has attracted much attention from players. Will there be any optimization or surprise in the 3rd CBT after the previous tests? Let's wait and see. Today we are showing you the interfaces of character generation of different races in the 3rd CBT: JIN Race looks like humans in common fantasy games, don't they? GON Race becomes the dark elves with brown skin. Lyn Race is as lovely as before and KUN Race is still fairylike.

Full SizeBlade & Soul screenshot

Full SizeBlade & Soul screenshot

This is the appearance of the Assassin of JIN Race that is well received among players. Does he look like the assassin in Aion? Players who like extreme speed and fierce attacks may choose it.

Full SizeBlade & Soul screenshot

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