[Part2]Hands-on Review: Tera Is Not Terrible

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Since the game has been out for a year over seas it has a lot of the standard things you'd expect to see in an MMO such as Looking For Group and PVP Queue tools. While I didn't get a chance to try it, the Guild versus Guild options sounded very interesting to me. For those interested in PVP, you'll need to wait until after level 10 to be able to flag yourself as an outlaw and begin killing players around you. This will change your nameplate look so others will easily spot you to either avoid or hunt you down; things I'm sure many PVPers will enjoy.

TERA screenshot

Combat in the game can get exciting after about level ten when you'll spend most of your time fighting packs of monsters, usually a bigger creature followed by lots of "minions".

Crafting was something I think many might enjoy as well since your character starts with the inherent ability to gather plants and mine rocks as well as learn patterns for all the crafting abilities. I'm not sure if this was intentional or just for the beta, but I hope they keep it like that as I think it'd be useful for those who want to make items for every class in their guild.

TERA screenshot

My final thoughts on Tera is that it is a beautiful looking game, and not just because of the engine, but the detail that is put into all of the scenery in the world is quite amazing. It's very polished with all the features you expect MMO's to have. For those casual players you'll find you can solo much of the content, though grouping adds a lot of perks with experience, loot drops and even gathering. While not every quest is voice acted, enough of it is that you may find yourself getting immersed within the story.

TERA screenshot

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