[Part1]Hands-on Review: Tera Is Not Terrible

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I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy Tera when I first heard about the game. The fantasy MMO genre is very saturated at the moment with a lot of lackluster games, but the fact that Tera had been out for a year already across the ocean reassured me it'd at least be polished, and it doesn't disappoint with that.

TERA screenshot

As I first started Tera I found myself yawning at the intro cinematic, but once I had my character and the real game started I enjoyed seeing the different races flying on their mounts towards a newly created island in the middle of the ocean talking (with very anime style voice acting) about the story - a great intro for why I was where I was.

TERA screenshot

Upon arriving at the island I was greeted by your typical NPC with "!" above their head. Each NPC says a word or phrase as you interact with them, but there are no more voiceovers at this point. Instead you have what you've seen in every other fantasy MMO; a couple paragraphs of text you ignore as you hit Accept and then run to the "X" on your map to kill or interact with whatever it is you need to do.

The starting map reminded me very much of the starting zone for Blood Elfs in WoW. You start in a bright sunny magical looking place and slowly work your way down to a dark scary looking ashen land with strange and unnaturally dark creatures. Eventually, you'll come face to face with your first boss, who looks a lot more menacing than he really is.

TERA screenshot

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