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I had a chance to join the VIP test for press and the GameMasters were kind enough to answer some of my questions.

SlowExtasy: Was it fun to join in c9 development?
[GM]INDOPA: Yes ^^, But it's still need a lot to do it.

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SlowExtasy: Will it be posible for global c9Seal users to effect overall c9 development?
[GM]INDOPA: of course!!! that is localization we will develop what users say, it will be different from korea except for main story line and content up until 9th continent.
SlowExtasy (thoughts): Would want back perfect bosses and the original difficulty KR C9 had in open beta.

SlowExtasy: Lots of users interested about your CashShop plans, Will it be more or less like KR version?
[GM]INDOPA: Still discusing, sensetive issue. Lots of users have an imppression about webzen = Pay 2 Win, we don't want that.
SlowExtasy (thoughts): Really hope it to be like korean one just without 1 month per new costume.

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SlowExtasy: I suppose development team of c9 is different webzen teams (SUN,MU,Archlord)?
[GM]INDOPA: They are diferent, c9 studio is cloud 9 studio
SlowExtasy (thoughts): i suppose we can put aside our fears of Pay2Win then

SlowExtasy: Are you planing to add mentoring system?
[GM]INDOPA: Yes, system where you get reward helping out beginners.

SlowExtasy: And Honor system as well?

SlowExtasy (thoughts): i suppose that meant yes
SlowExtasy: How about other language translations? are they planned?
[GM]INDOPA: We're planing to perfect the english translation until end of Febuary, and start other ones in March.
SlowExtasy: Any planned language?
[GM]INDOPA: Which users will like to have "Not decided yet"
SlowExtasy (thoughts): So go go everyone ^_^ i personally would want to hear KR/JP voices XD.

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SlowExtasy: What about extra servers if there will be latancy issues ? Are you planing to add Arabian/Asian/European countriess ?
[GM]INDOPA: At start only 2 decided, America/Europe but maybe we will add more for example : Hongkong, Singapore
SlowExtasy (thoughts): T_T i wanna play on 1 server with all my friends hope there will be some kind of merge and just sperate channels for pvp arena or smth .

SlowExtasy: Have you tried Joypad ?
[GM]INDOPA: Of course, however main issue is skills, there just to many of them, not sure how we can handle them, and at the moment view point is not fixed.
SlowExtasy (thoughts): Users lets support them with giving them ideas

SlowExtasy: Have you ever watched 3D tv ? and do you planing to add 3D in c9 ?
[GM]INDOPA: Yes, We have lot's of plans what to add in c9, 3D is one of them, but users who decides the priority of updates
SlowExtasy (thoughts): Ahhh does no one wants to see the assassin's feet in their face XD or illusionst invisible blades XD i just would love to standing and watching how my party members dying from player killers XD

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