Choose An Appropriate Class to Start Your C9 Global Service Journey!

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Finally wait is almost over, Continent of the ninth seal's global service will be open on February 4th 21:00 GMT.

C9(Continent of the Ninth) - Shaman Trailer

For more C9 videos

For those of you whom are waiting for the server open time, you will be able to Download the game client and Game guide on February 2nd 3:00 GMT after the weekly regular maintenance.

If you happen to be either on the waiting list or just found out about C9's VIP test,
There will be various VIP Pass give away events until and during the VIP Test, so please check back regularly on official C9 Facebook community.(

C9 screenshot

With only a few days left for the Global C9 VIP Test, we are going to review the classes of C9.
If you feel like not reading the whole article we also prepared a simple table about the classes.

C9 screenshot

C9 Class Lists for VIP Test

Base Class

1st Tier

2nd Tier

Signature Skill



Elite Fighter



Traditional Fighter


Moonlight Cutter

Fancy sword skills


Crash Bomb

Defense master, shield master


Elite Hunter


Force Bomb

Stealthy, combo specialist


Arrow Shower

Master of arrows


Fire Support

Trap master, technical


Elite Shaman


Circle Lightening

Magic master, elemental summon


Soul Valkan

Technical skills, backline attack style


Velvet Dance

Martial arts style, close encounter

When you start C9 you will be able to create a character from the following three base classes.

Fighter Hunter
- Close encounter melee class. Strength and simple actions are their specialties.
They have the highest strength among all the classes allowing them to handle heavy weapons. However, due to their well-developed muscles, it is difficult for them to use lighter weapons.
*Masters in sword, long sword, and giant sword use.
- Specializes in hit and running enemies or performing waves of quick and swift series of combos.
They have the most technical and acrobatic skills among all the classes with fancy and flashy skills.
*Masters in dagger, blade, bow, and long bow use.
- Master of both oriental martial-arts and unique magic. Although with a small build her mind is strong.
*Masters in battle staff and magic staff use.

Once you reach level 10 through game play, users can promote to an elite class, which is the first tier advancement class, by accomplishing class promotion quests.

When you become level 20, you will be able to advance to the 2nd tier class through class promotion quests. Here is the list.

It is pretty obvious that at this point people will have minor headaches due to making decisions on which class they should choose.

That's why this review is here to help. We hope we can provide some ideas about each class that will hopefully help people make suitable choices for themselves.

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