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WEBZEN's highly-anticipated action MMO, C9, is kicking off its global VIP testing on Feb. 24, 2012. Lucky gamers who have gained a VIP pass to join the test probably can't wait to try it first-hand. has prepared an exclusive C9 VIP Test Guide to offer you some general information about the test in the hope that you'll easily pick up C9. Also today, we're bringing you an exclusive interview with the C9 Development Team to shed some light on this VIP testing.

Celebrating VVIP & VIP Test! Global C9 Factor Movie Update!

1. Now, let's welcome Denis Kim. To start, would you please introduce yourself to MMOsite readers?

Denis Kim : Hello, my name is Denis Kim, the product manager for C9-Global. It is an honor to have this interview with one of the well-known gaming sites; MMOsite. Personally, I enjoy reading interesting articles and interviews in MMOsite. Now it is our turn to introduce the C9-Global service. Chung Gil Yu; the producer of Cloud9Studio, will also join us in our interview. Our team consists of several different parts which are marketing, localizing, operating and service team, etc. 50 on-site and outside members are supporting the launch of C9-Global.

Chung Gil Yu
(Producer of Cloud9Studio - Chung Gil Yu)

2. It has been two years since C9 launched the open beta test in South Korea and so far the game has been operating quite well. What's C9's degree of completion regarding the in-game content? What about the localization work going on with the European & US version? And how many servers are you going to launch for this test?

Denis Kim : We have been developing C9 for about 3 years before it was first launched in Korea. 2 years of service have brought us to the point of stable condition. Because of the title; Continent of the Ninth, people misunderstand that most of the contents have been revealed because the 5th continent has been introduced in Korea. Not only will the contents of the storyline be updated but also the contents that users suggest will be developed. The 6th continent is under development and is almost ready to be updated.

Localization work; In-Game texts and voices, game guides, and the website portal are the main contents to focus on at the moment. We will perfectly finish the texts with English and prepare for 3 or more language support by the end of March.

For the servers, we are planning to initially set up 2 IDC; America, Europe with 2~3 servers. We will see if there are more IDC or channels needed after the VIP test.

3. What kind of content will be available in this test? How many continents will be opened? Can gamers access the arena? Characters like Warrior, Berserker and Blade Dancer have already been released in the Korean version. When can we expect them in the global version?

Denis Kim : At first, 3 continents and 9 classes (Warrior included) with the level cap of 50 will be introduced in the VIP tests. Berserker (Fighter's 4th advancement class), Shadow (Hunter's 4th advancement class), Reaperess (Shaman's 4th advancement class) and all Witchblade class contents won't be included in our first VIP test. The main purpose of the VIP test is to check environment conditions; network latency, languages, and variation in computer systems. At this point, we don't really have a fixed schedule when to update these contents. We are continuously reviewing our schedule and will gradually take steps to update the contents. We plan on not to take too long to catch up with all the contents in Korea because the contents are already available.

(3rd continent boss– Lindbrum)

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