[Part2]GameBryo Engine Powered Soul Worker Key Systems Interview

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Q: Will weapons be classified into different ranks in the game?
A: No detailed plan has been made in this aspect. Surely players can collect various materials to craft weapons, and then enhance and upgrade them. To become strong, players need to improve their weapons continuously.

The in-game upgrade system will be somewhat modified in the future.

Soul Worker screenshot

Q: In addition to various characters, what else can players experience in the game?
A: Players can do other activities in a camp, like producing, planting, holding a small party, etc.

Q: Can you tell us the exact gaming process?
A: First of all, level up in appointed areas after entering the game, and then go to the camp along with the evolvement of storyline. Try to expand your camp ceaselessly. As our game has a large framework and abundant content, it is unnecessary for players to worry that they might have no game content to experience. Certainly, considering that Korean players often go through a game very quickly, we will keep updating the game and adding brand new content.

Soul Worker screenshot

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