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Soul Worker, a new online game developed by Korea-based Lion Games features cool and tough action effects, doomsday background and pretty female characters. Do you want to know more details about Soul Worker? Now three developers from Lion Games are here to shed a light on the game.

From the left to right: Game Designer, Creation Designer and Art Designer

Q: Please give a brief introduction to Soul Worker.
A: Let me explain the game title first. Soul Worker refers to the weapon characters use in the game. If characters want to use this weapon, they must have Soul. Soul is a kind of powerful energy and an important element for a character.
Soul Worker integrates a modern city where characters have to be strong enough in order to survive in this deserted city. It can be said that the game is rich with realistic content.

Soul Worker screenshot

Q: Any special reason for developing Soul Worker?
A: Currently, most online games in South Korea are MMORPGs and MORPGs. In fact, they look almost the same without highlights. We intended to make a new-gen online game by combining the above two game genres.
Japanese anime characters look good and have attracted a lot of attention from players, so we added Japanese animation elements into our game. We believe such content will definitely appeal to players.

Q: Do you draw on other games while developing Soul Worker?
A: Yes, like Tales of XILLIA, God of War, Mass Effect and other video games. Generally speaking, in order to display splendid action effects, RPGs need to adopt a fixed perspective.

Soul Worker screenshot

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