Ragnarok Online: The Highly Anticipated 14.1 Bifrost Expansion Live!

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It is perfect time to join Ragnarok Adventure as well as the perfect time to return for the Holidays as Ragnarok Online launches the highly anticipated massive expansion episode update 14.1 Bifrost. This expansion opens a new chapter in the New World Saga, bringing adventurers face to face with Nidhoggur and the plight of her people. Unique daily and arc quests as well as new monsters await our higher level adventurers in the Bifrost.

Ragnarok Online - Introducing Episode 14.1: Bifrost

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The 14.1 Bifrost expansion includes:

  • Expansion to the New World story.
  • 2 New Instances.
  • New Equipment sets for High Level Warlock and Arch Bishops.
  • New fearsome mobs to challenge high level Players.

Detail information about the expansion can be found here.

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To aid new adventurers in Ragnarok, Gravity is hosting a level up event to help players reaching to base level 70 and 1st Job 50 much faster than normal! This event is to help players to get up to speed and explore 14.1 contents and join their friends at the higher levels of play.

Whether you are a brand new Ragnarok player looking to join or a returning hero ready to come back, the newest 14.1 Bifrost expansion with variety of events and bonuses offer a great deal of action and fun! Sign up and start your adventurer today!

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