Ghost Recon Online Closed Beta 3 Is Coming

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Today I received a message, as most who are following Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Online, that the third phase of the closed beta is coming in June. There is no official date as of yet, but I can tell you from playing it since the first day of closed beta in March, I have been addicted to this game. I have played many different MMOFPS/MMOTPS games and always end up being disappointed with the development.

Ghost Recon Online

When I first received my beta invite to GRO I had low expectations of the game. The weekend before beta started, I downloaded the game client and logged into the Ubisoft forums and GRO website so I could find out as much as possible about this game. By the time Monday rolled around I could not wait to get on the game. When closed beta 2 ended I looked at my playtime in the game and combined with all three soldier classes I have logged over 137 hours of game time.

Ghost Recon Online

When you start the game you are given a choice of 3 different classes of soldier to use. The Recon, the Assault, and the Specialist class. 

The Recon class: 

This carries a choice of sniper rifle or SMG (sub-machine gun), has the ability to cloak or detect hidden players, and is most likely the first choice for any new player to the game. The first thought is I can choose Recon with a sniper and cloak and I will sit back shoot & kill, but never get caught.  

This idea of playing like a Call of Duty camper and owning everyone in the game is the exception in Ghost Recon Online. If you stay in one place too long expect to be killed by a quick trigger, a grenade, or melee from behind. 

I have tried everything out in this class and combined weapons with the different abilites to see what I like best. Sniper rifles are deadly accurate but you need to keep moving around so the use of Oracle (hidden opponent dectection) is recommended to target and kill quickly while aiding your fireteam. 

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