Soul Captor Official Site Live, Set to Release This Summer

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Gamania Digital Entertainment has launched its official site today for their new free-to-play MMORPG, Soul Captor. The site will act as a community hub and is filled with lore, information guides, strategy tips and downloadable media. Furthermore, people can already start making friends on the official forums.

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Soul Captor

What are friends for?
And that is important, because having friends in Soul Captor is actually beneficial to your game. Thanks to the Friends System you can take control of your in-game relationships, allowing you to highlight your best buddies and build them up into soul mates! You can promote and work with friends using emotes to turn them into Best Buds, then Sworn Buds and finally Soul Mates, each giving you different levels of boosts and bonusses depending on your relationship status. But why stop there? Sign up with your friends, form a guild and take on other guilds to dominate the leaderboards, obtain rare loot from instance raids and even perform team combo skills to take down those elite bosses that bit faster.

Soul Captor

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