Want a Little Sex in Your MMO?

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We've all had an MMO crush or two. Back in my hardcore World of Warcraft days, I totally had a crush on our guild’s main tank. I never met her in real life (and I never tried to romance her, in-game or IRL), but man did she ever have a cute voice. Also she was a living, breathing aggro magnet—what can I say? I love competency. Anyway, this girl and I used to hang out in Vent all the time, regardless of what we were actually doing in-game. We were friends.

Sex In MMOs

When you spend dozens of hours questing, grinding and slaying with people, it’s inevitable that your relationships will grow and evolve. I’ve made a few real-life friends thanks to the presence of MMOs in my life, and I’m sure this isn’t some sort of rare story. Everyone forges new personal connections as they live their MMO lives. Maybe you meet a special someone, maybe you don’t. The potential for meaningful relationships is always present in activities that involve connecting to other humans.

Sex In MMOs

The way MMOs handle “special” relationships, i.e. romantic ones, is certainly interesting. Some games, like World of Warcraft, offer players a method for dressing up and playing the part, but no actual in-game mechanic for marriage. Others, like RIFT, have built marriage into a full-fledged game mechanic. Relationship features are as varied as the MMOs themselves.

Sex In MMOs

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