Reader Question: Do Guilds Matter?

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In the olden days of MMOs, back when EverQuest was the biggest thing going and players expected to spend hundreds of hours camping rare mobs, guilds and clans were the player safety net. Before the days of instanced dungeons, matchmaking and instant-teleport raids, guilds were the primary mechanism for being social, accomplishing tough goals and staying safe in dangerous game worlds. If you weren’t in a strong guild or clan, your experience in older MMOs wasn’t very rewarding.

Do Guild Matter

As the MMO has developed, so has the guild. What was once a completely player-driven structure has become a fully functioning game mechanic. Guilds are no longer something run in forums and message boards by players, but integrated game features with a life all their own. In some games, guilds can even level in the same way as characters, adding an extra layer of content to a game to keep players engaged when they run out of raids, dungeons and quests to grind. In the last ten years, the role of the guild has evolved considerably.

Do Guild Matter

This evolution is driven by on simple truth: The old reasons for joining a guild don’t exist any longer. Instance matching and teleporting have made looking for dungeon groups a thing of the past. Most big MMOs now offer the same mechanics for raiding. Pre-made PVP runs seem to have been dashed by the similar features—queue up for a match wherever you are, teleport in and teleport out. The tight server community once present in many MMOs has been replaced by a series of queues, portals and loading screens.

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