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It's been five years since Funcom officially confirmed the existence of The Secret World. In that time, we’ve seen leaked screenshots, quick previews and a few hands-on demos. The game has also gone through its fair share of revisions, revamps and title changes. But now, with the game just one month away from release, MMO fans are waiting with baited breath to see whether the game can possibly live up to the hype.

The SecretWorld

What we've seen so far is an MMO rooted in the traditions of its brethren, but willing to take a few big steps away from the massively multiplayer games to which we’ve all grown accustomed. It’s up to Funcom to make these features function well, and up to players to determine whether they’re ready for a break from the norm.

A Different, But Similar Universe

The SecretWorld

The Secret World, unlike the bulk of MMOs that have come out in the last five years, isn't set in some fantasyland packed with orcs and goblins. Instead, the game is rooted firmly in the realities of the modern day—the events of The Secret World take place in familiar cities like Seoul, New York and London. Of course, there’s a hefty amount of fantasy to be had; players will encounter ghosts, monsters, demons and zombies aplenty as they quest through the haunted lands in which the game's characters are forced to exist.

The Secret World focuses intensely on story, providing players with what Funcom refers to as a “jigsaw puzzle” and letting them explore the world to collect its pieces and sort out the greater meaning of the whole thing. The story is a completely original work that ties together elements of mythology, history and urban legends, and goes deep into the prehistoric history of humankind and beyond. In one move very different from traditional MMOs, The Secret World actually offers players a primary storyline with a beginning, middle and end—though the developer has gone on record as wishing to leave some room for expansions and other content updates.

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