The Future of Paid MMOs

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Since TERA launched, I've sank a fair number of hours into questing, grinding, tanking and generally looking extremely pretty. I've also been keeping a journal of my experiences, one you can read right here on MMOSite's TERA portal. So far, I would say that the game is pretty fun—nothing revolutionary, but definitely more interesting that a lot of the traditional MMOs rolling around at the moment.


As I read through user comments on articles about the game, one recurring theme seems to surface: A fair number of players aren't jumping into the TERA fray simply because the game requires a subscription. The general consensus of this sizeable portion of the comment population is that the paid MMORPG is dead, and now is the time for devs to start leaning more heavily on free-to-play payment mechanics. I often read similar complaints about Star Wars: The Old Republic . A common refrain in the comments section of any MMO news site is, "Eh, I’ll wait until it goes F2P."


On the surface, it makes sense. Players are naturally more likely to take a chance on a game when the initial investment is low. However, it’s a large jump in logic to assume that because a few solid F2P games exist, all MMOs should be following that model. Especially when you look at the circumstances driving many of those games to eschew the subscription method. Put simply, it’s too early to declare the death of the paid MMO.

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