All New MMOs Are "WoW Killers"

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In 2004, Blizzard Entertainment revolutionized the games industry by releasing World of Warcraft, the insanely popular MMO that would quickly become one of the most successful interactive products ever created. At the time, there was certainly a niche market for MMOs, but WoW was the first game that proved a massively multiplayer online game could land mainstream success. The game skyrocketed to victory and became the biggest (paid) MMO in the world.


Nearly eight years later, World of Warcraft is still the top dog, with an estimated 10 million players and a brand new expansion on the way. Thanks to a thriving player community, a mellow learning curve and plenty of casual-friendly content, WoW has managed to hang onto the lead almost entirely unchallenged. World of Warcraft’s success is the benchmark for all future MMO products.

In the world of MMOs, we've taken to asking this simple question about new online releases: "Is this a WoW killer?" In other words, "Is this the game that will snatch millions subscribers from WoW’s gauntleted hands?" So far, the answer has been "No," as no game has managed to topple World of Warcraft from its throne.

However, we're looking at the question from the wrong angle. No one game is ever going to kill World of Warcraft. Like an enormous raid boss, WoW simply cannot be downed by a single entity.

No, the real WoW killer is time—and every MMO that has come out since WoW's original date of release.


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