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Salem is a new online game that is being produced by Paradox Interactive, who is a fairly well know game producer, and this is their first MMO to be produced. As for the games developers, they're a company called Seatribe, if you never heard of them before that is because the only other game they've made is a small indie online game called Haven & Hearth, which is actually the inspiration for Salem. So for those who have played HnH, they may recognize quite a bit of the set-up from the previous game in this one.

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The twist for this game that makes it unique from the crowd is that it is a crafting MMO set in a mutable world. What that means is that most everything in the world I crafted by players; they can claim land, build homes, and terraform the world to their liking. The CBT for Salem recently launched and I got a chance to try it out, which is much to my anticipation since while waiting for this game, I got fairly into HnH.

Character creation in the game is a bit different than most MMOs in how it plays out; you start out as an invisible being. From there you go to various NPCs to shape your characters looks the way you want, going from one to pick your gender; between an overweight old man to an overweight old woman.  To make matters worse, they’re naked. From there you go to a chest that holds your starter colonial cloths, an NPC that changes your hair color style, a bucket filled with various colors to change your hair color, a vanity mirror that alters facial hair for men, and finally a NPC that you talk to pick your name. I got set creating my character and was ready to set foot into the famed Boston.

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Once you get to Boston you're thrust in a small town with NPCs asking if they can lead you a random place in the forest to settle, and stands that will take some goods off of your hands in exchange for some silver. Oh, who can forget the sights, the sights of a mix of regular people and those running around nude, carrying rocks, or sometimes both.  The thing that caught my eye past the nude people was that for you to be randomly transported into an area so you could settle, you needed silver in order to pay the fee. Considering the type of game this is, that is an odd request and can make progression in this game even slower from a game that already has slow progression.

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