Knight-Errant of MMO TaoYuan: Quick Evasion and Strong Eruption

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The next-gen turn-based MMO TaoYuan of Changyou will kick off its no-wipe CBT on April 27th in China. TaoYuan introduces "cloud class system" and emphasizes on free class transfer and cross leveling up, which breaks the traditional unitary class setting. Here is introduction to the most legendary class with martial arts characteristics--Knight-Errant and let's unveil its mysteries.


Knight-Errant-- Quick Evasion and Strong Eruption

The "loud class system" in the next-gen turn-based MMO TaoYuan is the biggest class system in turn-based MMOs and it hits hard the traditional turn-based MMOs. Now, the class system of TaoYuan includes 17 classes in 3 levels and the number of classes will increase to 50 in the future. Players can make their first class transfer when they are over Level 10 and they can transfer classes freely and have a cross leveling up through "cloud class system".

Class development route, free class transfer


Take Knight-Errant as an example, it pursuits quick evasion and strong eruption and usually ignores the ability of defense and endurance. However, the “cloud class system” can play up strengths and avoid weaknesses. For example, learning the defense posture from Armored Royal Guards can make up for the weak defense, learning the skills of blood bite from Armored Heroic Guards can attach blood lust effect to the character’s attacks so as to prolong the attack effects in the battle.

Swordsman (Knight-Errant) performs a power accumulation skill

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