Eternal Blade Final Class Line-Up Unveiled

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gPotato unveiled the final class line-up for its upcoming free-to-play action MMO Eternal Blade in a special way.

RecommendationgPotato Announced Action MMORPG Eternal Blade

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Not ready to wait until Eternal Blade’s 2012 release, the upcoming action MMORPG’s six characters have stepped out of their fairytale world and into Facebook. From the arrogant Soul Summoner to the reckless Berserker, the new classes have begun recruiting in their own unique style. Take it from the classes themselves!

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The Soul SummonerWe Soul Summoners have more power than you imagine, so don't mess with us! We summon souls through our dark magic, turning them directly against our enemies or absorbing them to fuel devastating spells. Don't you wish you were a Soul Summoner?

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The KnightKnights are the only class with a shield to block enemy attacks, and that's why we're the best! We have the courage to charge into the heart of battle but the good sense to bring some defense along. Who wouldn't want to be a Knight?

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