Korean Supreme Court Confirms Guilty Verdict in TERA Criminal Trial

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The South Korean Supreme Court has confirmed the guilty verdict in TERA criminal trial on April 16th. The original verdict that former Lineage3 Development Team members' suspicion of leaking Lineage3 trade secret was affirmed. Note that the suit was leaded by the prosecution not by NCSoft.


Besides, another high court case between NCsoft and Bluehole Studio is coming up soon. The civil case for damages leaded by NCSoft. NCSoft claim damages of USD 5.7 million against Bluehole Studios, the developer of TERA.

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A timeline of what happened over the past few years with regards to the case.

2006 September: Leak first occurred when the NCsoft executive told a Japanese gaming company about the details of NCsoft's business plans, including Lineage III.

2007 February: NCsoft first alerted the Korean police about the business leak

2008 August: NCsoft filed a civil suit in Korea.

2008 December: NCsoft formerly filed a claim against the executive involved

2009 June: 5 people were found guilty of leaking NCsoft secrets in the first criminal court, with 1 found innocent.

2009 December: After another criminal court session, the final accused was found to be guilty instead.

2010 January: Civil court ordered 4 of the accused and Bluehole Studio to pay NCsoft 2,000,000,000 Korean Won for losses.

2011 January: Civil court dismissed previous ruling, stating Bluehole Studio will not need to pay for the damages.

2012 April: Criminal court found all accused guilty, with a final verdict due from the civil court.

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