MMOsite Exclusive Interview About Upcoming MMORPG RaiderZ

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1. MMOsite: Hello, this is Evelyn from MMOsite. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?
Hi, my name is Tony Kim and I’m the production manager of RaiderZ.

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2. MMOsite: Would you briefly introduce the features of RaiderZ?
RaiderZ is a free-to-play MMORPG focused on slaying Epic Monsters and turning their parts into powerful weapons and armor. RaiderZ has a non-targeting combat system which will require players to dodge and attack monsters in real-time. This challenging combat system will test players’ abilities and skills as they travel throughout the world of Rendel.

RaiderZ focuses heavily on Conquest Crafting – this means that weapons and armor are not dropped by monsters. Instead, monsters will drop crafting materials that will allow players to craft powerful weapons and armor.

Players will also be able to customize their character’s skill trees and will not be bound to a rigid class system, allowing players the freedom to fully customize their characters to what best suits their play style. This will be incredibly beneficial as players will be able to create their own roles for boss fights.

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3. MMOsite: What do you think RaiderZ will stand out from other action MMORPGs like Vindictus and Dragon Nest?
First of all, it's great to be compared at the level of these other games. What differentiates RaiderZ from the rest is that it's a very open world, sandbox game where players can roam freely. The biggest and most noticeable things in RaiderZ are the Epic Monster fights. These challenging battles require teams to be incredibly coordinated and focused in order to take down these terrifying beasts. These monsters will smash players, throw players and even eat players! Being alert battles is the key to success!

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