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Wu Hun Online is a new game which will be released by NetEase later in 2012. With the Tang Dynasty of China as its background, it is an action game of martial-art emphasizing the effect of striking. Its feature is the combination of traditional Kungfu and magic elements, thus players can not only use Shaolin Kungfu but also ice, flame and summoned wild animals to strike.

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Wu Hun Online

At present, the top level of each character in Wu Hun Online is 60. The game provides a number of leveling-up paths including completing the quests, participating in the battleground and daily activities, etc. The multiple leveling-up paths allow players to have their characters grown up pleasantly rather than boring and repeating routine days after days.

Wu Hun Online

The quest system of Wu Hun Online is blended with the culture of traditional clan and Chinese imperial examination. After becoming an apprentice of a particular clan, the player can devote themselves in developing his/her own clan by completing quests, and hence, continuously improve his/her status in the clan. In addition to obtaining extensive experience and much money during this process, he/she is likely to become a “master” cultivating other new apprentices. In the imperial examination mode, players can participate in a simulated Chinese traditional imperial examination by answering different questions in order to get the reward of experience according to the number of right answers they submit. There is a very wide range of questions in the exams, from poetries, ditties, odes and songs to common knowledge of life, which allows players to study through playing games.

Wu Hun Online

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