Enjoy Thrilling Slaughters in 3D MMORPG Wild Buster (Part II)

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Brand new 3D shooter MMORPG Wild Buster which emphasizes an original combination of military cultures and science fiction, is slated to launch its first CBT in the second half of 2012. Here is the part II of the preview.

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Wild Buster

MMORPG Rather than MORPG
As a matter of fact, Wild Buster is a MMORPG instead of MORPG. Certainly, camp hunting plays an important role, but it is impossible to hold hundreds of hunters in the same camp.

Generally, if players exceed monsters in terms of quantity, they have to wait for the appearance of monsters, which will lead to unhealthy competition. To avoid it, the game designer Choi Jun has added various quests into the camp, such as looking for survivors, fighting for resources and so on. Additionally, monsters will drop down from the sky according to the number of players. In the meantime, large-scale battles and camp bosses will be available.

For the sake of focusing on the game entertainment, all in-game villages will be integrated into a whole metropolis, where players can finish whatever jobs they need to.

Wild Buster

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