World of Darkness: Game Begins When You Die

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CCP's upcoming permadeath MMORPPG World of Darkness is quite mysterious. While more details were revealed during last week's EVE Fanfest 2012. Set in Mark Rein Hagen's vampire-centric universe, the background of World of Darkness is close to the real society, but there are all kinds of supernatural beings and full of intrigues and bloody scenes.

World of Darkness - EVE Fantest 2012 Trailer

"It's going to be quite violent and bloody - it's not going to be violence porn; it's meaningful violence," executive producer Chris McDonough said, "World of Darkness isn't like other vampire licenses; it's always been a very mature property. The essence of CCP and White Wolf is to uphold the integrity."

World of Darkness

Every new player in the game begin to appear as a human, but after that in order to get the skills, you must accept a vampire's hug. From then on, you can continue to choose to join a faction in vampires. Human blood as currency among vampires will be competitive resources. Vampires will compete for human's cities as the territories.

World of Darkness

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