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After TaoYuan, a next-gen MMORPG, was well received in Korean game exhibition G-star, the biggest game media in Korea disclosed on March 21st its CG which had been demonstrated at G-star and numerous gameplay screenshots, and also made an exclusive review on it, "The graphics of TaoYuan developed with Unreal Engine 3 are comparable to that of top-ranking Korean MMOs."

TaoYuan(KR) Trailer

The review says TaoYuan was the first turn-based MMO developed with Unreal Engine 3. The biggest advantage of Unreal Engine 3 lies in its strong special shadow effects and mapping skills. The graphical performance in TaoYuan shows the dev team’s deep understanding of Unreal Engine 3 and skilled mastery of its patented skills. The graphics of TaoYuan are comparable to that of top-level Korean MMOs. With regard to the Korean MMO market flooded by real-time MMOs, the turn-based TaoYuan will surely impress players.


Furthermore, the unique graphic style of TaoYuan was well recognized, too. Its international level color expression and Chinese element created its unique graphical performance. No matter its fantastic scenes, vivid characters, or its overturning hero characters, all have high recognition and strong visual impact.

Full SizeTaoYuan

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