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Spirit Tales, or as it is known by its developer as Glory Destiny Online, is a new cute style MMORPG that has made its way to the west and is currently in its closed beta phase with KoramGame. The game is designed by X-Legend, a Chinese based company who has already made some popular free MMORPGs such as Grand Fantasia and Eden Eternal.

While the game is still in its closed beta phase, I got the opportunity to check it out and get an idea of what the game is about and how it plays. Though it is a rather cute game in terms of graphics, I found it is best not to judge a game based solely off of that, and try to see what it offers instead, which I did. Also being that this is still in the beta phase, it is more of a preview of what to expect and not really enough there for a full review, not yet anyway.

Spirit Tales Character Creation

The game has six classes for players to choose from; fighter, shaman, archer, warrior, sorcerer, and assassin.  Each pair of these classes also represents their own tribe. So say you pick the Lunar Fox tribe, you will get the choice between a Sorcerer and Assassin. Another unique aspect of this is that you get to check out the form that they transform into when you have enough “spirit points” to spend in battle and each class has their own unique form they transform into. After selecting your class you are given a fairly nice character creation. While it isn’t up to par with some more high profile games, it does offer more choices than most free-to-play games. You’re given choices for everything from eye and hair selection to skin tone and a fair amount of options for each to give you the ability to truly stand out from the crowd. One unfortunate thing about the character creation however is that it seems like the color and selections you make for you base character doesn’t transfer over to your alternative form.

Once you create your character and find a name that isn't taken, you are presented with a video that gives you a bit of information about each tribe and where they describe. The video also goes a bit into the story of the game which tells how the different tribes work and play together till a war broke out from an evil faction, and asks what hero(es) will answer the call to help save the land. A bit cliché, yes, but it offers a bit of a background and should satisfy especially the younger audience which may play this more.

When you're in the actual world you're thrust into a starting town which provides you with the starting quest you need to get you on your journey along with a guide who pops up several times during the course of your adventure to give you hints and tips about the game – which takes the place of an actual tutorial. This is a bit better in my opinion, as it gives you the information as you need it, and not all at once, which makes it a bit easier to remember what you learned.

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