Innovation Works-invested Chaos of Wulin Integrates Innovation and Classics

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Dedicatedly developed by the original elite dev team of the Legend of Swordman series from the Seasun Game Studio, including the core contributors of some classical martial-arts MMORPGs like the Legend of Swordman Online and World of Swordsman, Chaos of Wulin (Xiao Yao Jiang Hu) is the first 2D martial-arts MMORPG released by China-based Xinyou Technology Co., Ltd.

Full SizeChaos of Wulin (Xiao Yao Jiang Hu)

Set in an alternate history, Chaos of Wulin tells stories happening in ancient China's martial-arts world and cross-sect conflicts re-emerged decades after the first General Assembly. In this game, multiple storylines such as the Treaty of Alliance, the Sharply Rise of the Demon Sect, the Chaos in Imperial Court and the Resistance of the Rebels are interpenetrated and pattern a splendid and exciting tapestry of the martial-arts world.

Full SizeChaos of Wulin (Xiao Yao Jiang Hu)

Integration of Essences of Martial-arts MMORPGs
Chaos of Wulin integrates the essences of previous martial-arts MMORPGs in the market and also creates special martial-arts moves for different sects and classes. Skills players can study from their sects are divided into two categories, the Skills and the Moves. One skill includes different moves, and the leveling up of moves will also enhance the attributes of players’ sect skills.

Full SizeChaos of Wulin (Xiao Yao Jiang Hu)

Besides, there are different equipment for characters in different sects and different classes. Providing players with additional skills, the equipment are no longer distinguished by their appearances and attributes. Each player will have his very own awesome weapon and gear. The new skill of floating kung fu will liberate players from the combat mode in which they just stand still. By using the floating kung fu skill, players could transfer from one site to another in a second, thus bringing more possibilities and passion to the combat!

Full SizeChaos of Wulin (Xiao Yao Jiang Hu)

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