Blade Chronicle: Samurai Online - Different Weapon, Different Play Style

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Since its debut in Japan, Blade Chronicle: Samurai Online has received tons of favorable feedback from more than 300 thousand Japanese gamers. Considering the popularity, Aiming decided to bring it to the international market. However, before that let's take a sneak peeek at the styles and weapons of this game.

Blade Chronicle: Samurai Online

No Class restriction
In Blade Chronicle: Samurai Online, players won’t be forced to choose a class. Instead, they choose their weapons. With the innovative Weapon Evolution system, players can switch their attack method and skills by just changing their weapons to adjust themselves to different combats.

Unique Weapon System
Players are allowed to pursuit different styles of weapon system. Through optional quests, they can develop into one of five basic styles, based on Defense, Attack, Dexterity, Ninjutsu and Cure. Now, let’s look at these interesting styles.

Blade Chronicle: Samurai Online

Defense Style
Weapon introduction: Tachi is the main weapon used in Defense Style. In Japanese culture, Tachi is a two-foot long weapon used by Japanese warriors.
Feature: Defensive Style gives players high defense and good melee attack. Skills of this style are mainly to improve defense and protect party mates.

Blade Chronicle: Samurai Online

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