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Hello! My name is Michael Fuchs, and I am a Columnist for MMOsite. I would like to begin by thanking you for taking the time to answer our questions about Reign of Thunder™. Before we get heavily into it, could you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your position with Day 1 Studios?
 tj "PAINGOD" wagner – I am the Creative Director and Executive Producer for Reign of Thunder™ .  I've been with Day 1 Studios since we shipped MechAsssault.  Before that I worked at Microsoft making the MechWarrior series and before that I worked at Fasa Interactive making MechCommander.  Before that, I worked for Virtual World Entertainment bringing BattleTech to location based entertainment centers.  So, yeah, a lot of Mechs.

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Michael Fuchs (MMOsite): How would you describe Reign of Thunder™ to anyone who isn’t familiar with the title?
Fast, Frenetic and Fun! Reign of Thunder™ is a 3rd Person, Action, multiplayer Mech game focused on creating an accessible yet deep experience that will ensnare new users and keep them playing for years.

Michael Fuchs (MMOsite): Your company has taken a break from the mech-battling genre. What made you decide to return to your roots?
 People have been asking us for years to make MA3.  Once we decided to move into self publishing, it became obvious that making a new Mech IP was the way to go.

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Michael Fuchs (MMOsite): How similar to the MechAssault series would you say Reign of Thunder™  will be?
The accessibility and action will be pretty similar but with modern console quality graphics.  Back then everyone wanted to be able to customize their Mechs and now we are going to do exactly that.

Michael Fuchs (MMOsite): What made your company chose the PC as the platform for this game as opposed to the Xbox, which was the platform for the original MechAssault series?
 Self publishing and the free-to-play model is much easier to get started on PC.

Michael Fuchs (MMOsite): Do you envision porting the PC version of Reign of Thunder™  to the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 in the future?
Our engine and toolset, called Despair, is multiplatform at its core.  We want to bring the Reign of Thunder™ IP to as many platforms as possible in the future, so yes that's a possibility.

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Michael Fuchs (MMOsite): What is the main challenge you see in that the players of the original MechAssault series are used to the Xbox 360 controller layout and will now need to learn the controls for the PC? Also, how will you deal with fans that have a negative attitude about PC gaming as opposed to counsel gaming?
First part is easy; Reign of Thunder™ already works with the controller perfectly.  I think that comes from the accessibility of some PC games that may have left a bad taste for those gamers. Day 1 Studios has been making console games for years and is able to bring that experience to bear on the PC.   

Michael Fuchs (MMOsite): How many maps and stock mechs. Do you plan to have available at launch?
We will have two factions with three classes of Mechs in each and dozens of variants.  The number of maps is not locked down yet as we are developing alongside the beta.  We are still learning some things about what the game needs to launch.

Michael Fuchs (MMOsite): Because the title is free-to-play, where does the game plan to get its revenue? Would that be purely through vanity items in a cash shop?
There will be vanity items of course but Mech, weapons and gadgets are the core of the experience.  Players can earn in game "scrap" to purchase these items or pay any number of ways to get them sooner.  We think we have come up with a model that feels fair to all users and will be talking more about it soon.

Michael Fuchs (MMOsite): I saw that you have a player-marketplace planned where players can trade paint jobs, premade builds, and even each other's' spare parts. Could you tell us a bit more about this idea?
Wait, where did you hear that from?  I’m not supposed to talk about that yet J.

Michael Fuchs (MMOsite): I know you probably can't tell me this, but when do you envision the beta for Reign of Thunder™  will begin?
Pretty soon actually. We are already inviting people into the game through Steam.  We just want to work out some final kinks before widening the audience. 

Michael Fuchs (MMOsite): What is your personal favorite aspect of Reign of Thunder™ ?
Playing it every day with the team. Seriously it is the most looked forward to part of our day around here.  Personally, I like playing sneaky, light Mechs with cloaking and long range weapons.

Michael Fuchs (MMOsite): What do you, personally, think Reign of Thunder™ can do better than the MechAssault series?
Being on the PC means we can continue to develop and update the game based on feedback from the people playing it.  We've done DLC in the past for MA but that was still planned and developed before the game shipped.  This time around we get the chance to develop content that players are asking for.  I can’t wait to see what they dream up. 

Thank you very much for accepting the interview from!
Thank you! - tj

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