Highly Anticipated RaiderZ: Stunning Actions and Cross-class Skills

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RaiderZ, a 3D fantasy MMORPG from South Korea-based MAIET Entertainment which invested four years in development, conducted its CBT from February 14th to 21st. RaiderZ is a non-targeting action MMORPG with distinct features. In the CBT, mage character was released in addition to broken masts in the newbie zone. In the meantime, with the engine being upgraded, the in-game graphics have become more exquisite. And in order to enhance actions and improve controls, combo skills have been added into the game.


  • Tough Elite Monsters

    There is one elite monster at each monster hunting spot. Elite monsters are very strong and hard to defeat, but high risks mean high profits. Players will receive high Exp and fabulous rewards after knocking them down.


  • Stunning Actions

    Actually, many Korean games have a disadvantage in actions and most of them don't entertain players in combat. However, RaiderZ takes pride in its wonderful actions and thrilling skills. In the game, players will be immersed in battles by attacking and dodging enemies.


  • Cross-class Skills

    In RaiderZ, mages can use swordsmen's skills, and vice versa. Nevertheless, to use other classes' skills, players have to invest more than 10 skill points in the relevant class skills. Since skills are not class-restricted, players can develop unique characters as they wish.

    Last but not least, RaiderZ features rich character settings, and characters can attack enemies using the objects on the map.

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