Warhammer 40k MMO Publisher THQ Threatened with NASDAQ Delisting

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Warhammer 40k Dark Millennium Online publisher THQ has been threatened delisting from the Nasdaq stock exchange. THQ is currently trading at $0.67, with shares falling another 4.3 per cent compared to previous close.

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The delisting warning is due to THQ has traded below the $1 for more than 30 days. Stock is currently valued at 70 cent per share and has fallen over four years from a high of $36.threshold for more than 30 days. We've heard the struggleing company has canned many projects and cut staff significantly over the past two years. This is another difficult time for THQ. Lask week the publisher said it intends to focus on the core gaming audience and shelved future ambitions in the kids' market.

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THQ has 180 days to reverse its poor share price above $.99 for 10 consecutive business days or appeal to extend the 180 day deadline.

Hope this won't hold back Warhammer 40k MMO development. Stay tuned and we will pay close attention it to update you.


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