The Invincible Online Conducts 1st Massive Update

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The Invincible Online, an adults-only online martial arts game developed by Korea-based Rock Soft and published by Liveplex, conducted the first massive update after the OBT.

The Invincible Online

The said update revolved around the in-game hegemonism and the conflict between the two factions, and sought to attract players based on comprehensive factional wars and abundant content. Moreover, the game's level cap was raised to Lv 60 through the update.

Starting from Lv 50, players can indulge in factional wars. They will be able to launch PvP combats and fight in the wild as long as enemies cross their path. So, each public quest will be not only a quest but also the main reason for the PK.

The Invincible Online

Additionally, The Invincible Online's core content – the comprehensive war system was unveiled too. Large-scale factional wars (separated into 3 parts: destroy the opposing faction's buildings, kill opponents, and defend one's own main city) will break out comprehensively. The faction's lineup won't affect the comprehensive war directly, and the side that beats down the final boss in the hostile side's main city will be the winner.

The Invincible Online

The in-game guild system and quest system were also greatly optimized, with substantial animated plots tied and the class balance largely adjusted.

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As an adults-only MMORPG centering on the factional antagonism and the character cultivation, The Invincible Online is rated high by those aged above 30 thanks to its diversified combats and glorious skills. After the OBT launched on Dec. 23, the game set a record by attracting 10,000 simultaneous online players.

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