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According to the news released on December 28, the Japanese version of Tera published by NHN Japan will merge its servers officially soon.


Japanese TERA's official site has recently posted an announcement saying that the game servers will soon be merged and the number of servers will be reduced from 10 to 3. The existing PK servers including Shara & Kaia will be combined into Shara, while the non-PK servers Arun, Velik & Selen will be combined into Velik, and Geonros, Ellinu, Mystel & Barde into Ellinu.


Japanese TERA kicked off its OBT on August 8, and once attracted 48,624 concurrent online players during the test. Subsequently, NHN Japan decided to introduce 3 more servers in view of the growing number of players. On August 18, TERA started its commercial service in Japan officially.


However, high subscription fees, numerous bots and insufficient game content troubled NHN Japan seriously. The game now charges a monthly subscription fee of about USD 38.6 and a three-month subscription fee of USD 96.5. Such fees are 1.5-2 times higher than those charged by other Japanese online games. Moreover, NHN Japan failed to effectively prevent players from using bots and offer sufficient content. All these make lots of Japanese players choose to quit TERA.

It's expected that Japanese TERA will merge its servers on January 25, 2012 and an item drop event will be held till January 18, 2012.

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