Soul Worker to Be Launched in Overseas Markets First

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Recently, Soul Worker, an action MORPG from Korea-based Lion Games has indeed attracted a lot of attention.

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An Indonesian publisher showed interest in Soul Worker when it was showcased at G-Star 2011 this November, and it is revealed that the game is likely to be exported to Japan, Taiwan, Mainland China and other countries or regions in Asia.

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Reportedly, Lion Games has negotiated with NHN Japan, Sega, Capcom and Taiwanese Gamania and come into contact with the top 3 game companies in China.

As MORPGs are favored by the players in Japan and South Asia, Soul Worker has a great chance to achieve success there. That is the reason why Lion Games has decided to launch Soul Worker in overseas markets first other than in South Korea.

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Established in July, 2011, Lion Games consists of many famous developers from NCsoft, Gamehi and Eya Soft. Though it is a new company, its members are quite experienced and have been working in the game industry for more than 8 years on average. Some videos have been released along with Soul Worker's backstory. Due to the efforts of 27 well-known developers, Soul Worker is highly praised be the players.

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Set in a city which disappeared suddenly, Soul Worker depicts how heroines fight against the evil and rebuild the city in ruins.

The game is titled Soul Worker which implies that players put their souls and emotions into their weapons and give their weapons a new life. Soul Worker offers multiplayer instances and players use "combined skills" in combat.

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Different from other MORPGs, puzzles are integrated into instances in Soul Worker, thus forming a brand new Maze system.

Lion Games has labeled Soul Worker as an AOS and MORPG hybrid. Currently, 2 classes have been released, and 6 more classes are expected to be made available in the OBT. There will be a total of 12 playable classes in the future.

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According to Lion Games, Soul Worker will leave players a different impression due to its exquisite graphics, wonderful sound effects and anime style. Considering that Korean players change games frequently, Lion Games has decided to launch Soul Worker in overseas markets first. The Korean version of Soul Worker is expected to kick off its OBT in August 2012 at the earliest.

According to insiders, the publishing right of Soul Worker in South Korea has been licensed to NHN.

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