Nexon Risen to be the World's Third Biggest and Asia's Biggest Game Company

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17 years after its founding,Nexon, one the most representative game companies in South Korea, finally became a global game company.

Nexon IPO

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It is reported that Nexon got listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) on Dec. 14, 2011, with its stock priced at 1300 yen per share. Plus the 91 billion yen obtained through IPO, the company's market value totals at 553 billion yen (approx. 8 trillion won), making Nexon the biggest company listed in Japan this year and the third biggest game company in the world.

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Blizzard is now the world's biggest game company which is worth USD 14.2 billion. And the second biggest game company is EA which is worth around USD 7.5 billion. Although Nexon's market value is lower than EA, its net profits are higher than EA, so Nexon is promising to overtake EA as the world's second largest game company in the next couple of years.

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Getting listed on TSE puts Nexon at the same level as Blizzard and EA and makes Nexon further expand its influence in the overseas markets. Blizzard and EA are comprehensive game companies producing both stand-alone games and online games, while Nexon is purely a online game producer, from which we can see that it's really not easy for Nexon to accomplish such great achievements. Nexon's success has taken the reputation of South Korean and other Asian game companies in the international market to a higher level.

Through years of unremitted efforts, Nexon made the first step towards globalization through getting listed in Japan, which is remarkably significant for Nexon itself as well as South Korea's game industry.

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