The Invincible Online to Enter 2nd CBT on Dec. 7 with A New Trailer Released

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The Invincible Online, a traditional martial arts-themed MMORPG developed by Korea-based Rock Soft and published by Dragona Online's developer Liveplex was announced to kick off its 2nd CBT in South Korea on December 7th. A new teaser trailer was released along with the announcement.

Reportedly, The Invincible Online is targeted at players aged 30-40 and hooked on martial arts games. Focusing on the battle between two hostile nations and character development, the game features easy controls, smooth gameplay and quality graphics, allowing players to enjoy it without any burden. As the game title implies, players must have an invincible belief in the game in order to win.

Full SizeThe Invincible screenshot

Additionally, Huh Kyung-young, leader of the Democratic Republican Party has been officially invited to promote and endorse the game.

According to Liveplex, Huh Kyung-young was chosen to endorse The Invincible Online for it is a game targeted at players aged between 30 and 40 who pay more attention to political affairs than other age groups. 

Full SizeThe Invincible screenshot

Born in Seoul in 1947, Huh Kyung-young is a South Korean politician who took part in the South Korean Presidential Election respectively in 1997 and 2007. In South Korea, he often caused much attention due to his bizarre speeches and actions. For example, he once claimed he had an IQ of 430, but as we know, Guinness Book of World Records has only accepted Marilyn vos Savant's IQ of 185 as the highest score. Huh Kyung-young is also a singer with his first digital single Call Me released in 2008.

The Invincible Online - Huh Kyung-young

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